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About CEO

Hey there! My name is Ebony L. Sims. I am a young educated entrepreneur from Maywood, IL.
I have always had a passion for better body health & recovery.
Therefore, I pursued education & ventures surrounding that. 
In 2018 I received a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sports Performance. In 2019 I received a Trade degree In Clinical Massage Therapy where I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.
With my parents & grandmothers influence I developed a passion for creating useful skills, products, tools that will contribute to our natural beauty from the inside out.
That influence encouraged me to find solutions for what I saw a lack in the beauty industry, natural products with great quality.
Since 2015 I began making products for better hair growth & skin health. 
Often for both women & men dry, itchy, flaky scalp or skin can affect our daily lives. 
While in college, I could barely find any products that continuously met my needs for moisture or hair growth. I began creating products that would be a solution to all dry hair & skin problems ranging from alopecia to eczema.
In 2015, the infamous Elite Oil was first created in my college dorm room shortly doing the "big chop" of cutting my hair. This oil has grown, thickened, & moisturized my hair so much while adding health that I had to share this experience with others! I began making more products & giving tips that I have found useful while encouraging women & men natural hair journeys, from there I knew a special journey was beginning. 
Over the years I have sold over 200 plus products to clientele, been a part of 3 vendor "pop up" shops & have seen results from a variety of people of different shades, skin & hair types and we are still growing and glowing!
Officially in 2020 Nourished: For Hair & Body LLC is launched! Where the focus is highlighting natural beauty, aiding in healing for troubled areas of hair & body plus educating the importance of moisturizing products. I am passionate about hair & skin health. I aim to share my knowledge & supply solutions along the way with everyone!

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