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Nourished: For Hair & Body FAQ


Naturally Organic Handmade Products Textures May Alter Due To Temperature Increase

Place Products In Cooler Climates to Solidify. Place Product in Warmth To Make Like Liquid.


Can all races use Nourished?

Yes, all races can use Nourished Products. Nourished Products are Multi-Use for various needs.

Can all races use Elite Oil & Elite Butter for hair?

Yes, all races can use Elite Collection. It is designed for the scalp for itch relief & moisture sealer for the hair shaft. Just know, a little goes a long way!

Thick, Curly, Dense hair textures will see great results. LOCS & TWIST enjoy!

For loose, fine, low porosity hair textures, you can apply it to the scalp while you condition your hair, massage the scalp, and rinse out. It is still effective if you apply for at least 10-15 mins and need to rinse out. 

Can my child use Nourished Products?

Yes! We love the kids! However, be sure to use it on kids 3 years and older. Check the ingredient list with your child’s pediatrician especially if your child has sensitivity and allergies. An adult should apply the product for the child. Avoid running or placement in ears & eyes.

Are these products area specific? 

Each product is targeted for specific self care needs. However we believe in the “bang for the buck”. Also our products are multi-use.Review your product's information card for details.

When will I see results?

This is a natural product and results vary depending on several factors (i.e. pre-existing conditions, other medications, diet, environment, etc). This is a product designed to incorporate into your hair care routine for healthy hair maintenance.

How long does the supply last?

All products last a minimum of 4 months. Review information cards for better care.

What if I have allergies or sensitivity to any of the ingredients?

No Nuts of almond, walnut, or cashews are used in ANY Nourished products. Unrefined Coconut Oil & Shea Nut Butter are used in production.

Please read all ingredients before purchasing to see if any ingredients are on your list for having sensitivity or allergies. Always do a sample  patch test for 24-48 hours prior to use to check for irritation, redness or any adverse reaction. If you do receive and have any sensitivity or adverse reaction. Stop use immediately. Do not continue to use.  . 

Essential Oil Purposes For Hair & Body

Peppermint - increase blood flow to the scalp, stimulation hair follicles for hair growth

Tea Tree - Prevents build up of bad bacteria from scalp to hair, helps itchy or dryness.

Lemongrass - detoxifies skin, natural insect repellent (perfect for outdoors)

Lavender - soothes the skin, aromatherapeutic

 Rosemary - prevents breakouts in acne, hair stimulator for growth, aromatherapeutic 

Eucalyptus - Nourishes scalp and healthy hair


Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes, we ship to select countries. Please add your products and go to the checkout page and see if your country is an option for us to ship. Thank you!

How do I get samples with a purchase?

Orders are sent with a sample inside of the boxes!.  

How can I share pictures of my hair or skin progress?

Sure! You cansend a DMon instagramto @nourished.hb or email

How long will it take to receive my order?

Standard shipping is expected for 7-8 business days (weekends are not counted in the 7-8 business days). Expedited is expected between1-3 business days. Expedited is not a guaranteed delivery due to carrier delays from labor shortage. Our top priority is to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible. Please allow for a few days delay for supply chain issues or due to short staff with mail carriers, etc.

Can I return or refund my order?

Orders that need to be refunded due to malfunction in shipping will need to send a photo Please be patient during investigation process to refund your order.


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